29. Mai 2012

Saimaan Löyly Cup 2012

Superbutzi (Michi) and me (Perttu) competed at the Saimaan Löyly Cup this year.

It was a wonderful event and almost all of the top ranked sauna competitors where there (Ilkka never competes in a savu sauna).

In round two Butzi defeated me, the three times world champion Leila Kulin and vice-world champion Simo Salminen and reached the A-final. In that A-final she "burned out" two more very stong men, Eero Kirves and Jarmo Nylund who also is one of the strongest sauna men on earth. It was an outstanding performance of our women world champion and she was very happy afterwards.

Michi and me are glad that we could reach reasonable places in the upper half  of the field (Michi place 9 and Perttu place 10).

The winner of the contest was the new shooting star Antti Rapanen who won all three A-finals. Antti's performance was excellent and he was just unbeatable last weekend.

Our special thanks go to the organizers of the Saimaan Löyly Cup, Reijo and his wife who have again presented an excellent event. We would we very happy if we can come back the next time.

More thanks go to Make and Tiina for their friendship, hospitality, the löyly, and the good food!

See you soon!


P.S.: Pictures will be added later to this blog and the ranking will be updated soon, too.

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