29. März 2010

Sauna World Cup 2010 - Rules and Program

The rules for the Saunaritter World Cup have been decided. The contest will start on Friday, 14 May at 2pm, the second day will start on Saturday, also at 2pm. Every competitor will participate in three round on both days. There will be no elimination from the contest. The registration fee for the contest is 50 Euro. It covers the entrance to the Saunaburg for both days, one competition T-Shirt, vouchers for food and beverages, free mineral water. The main price is a cup and other prices. RULES §1. For the first round groups of four competitors will be alloted randomly. Prior to the next rounds the groups will be alloted or set in such a way that as many competitors as possible in a single group will have the same amount of points. §2. Depending on the number of competitors every round consists of several heats. In every heat there can be up to three groups together in the cabin. Altogether there cannot be more than 12 competitors at the same time in the cabin. Prior to every heat the competitors will be assigned to the seats in the cabin. §3. The competitor who leaves his seat first in his group will receive one point, the one who leaves his seat second will receive two points, the third one three points and the last one and winner of that group receives four point. §4. A seat is considered as left if the competitor lifts his buttom from his seat. §5. The points that a competitor receives during the rounds are added. The one who has the most points after six rounds wins the cup. If two or more competitors have the same amounts of points for the first place, there will be one final heat for those competitors. The one who leaves his seat last wins. §6. The referees decide finally the allocation of the points in every heat. §7. The male competitors have to wear regular swimming trunks that cannot be pulled above the navel and the knees have to be unprotected, too. The female competitors can wear a bath suite or a bikini. §8. Speaking to other competitors or touching them during the heat is not allowed. REMARKS 1. It is allowed to change the seating position and to wipe off sweat, as long as it does not constrain or disturb other competitors in the cabin. 2. Breaches of rules are recognized by the referees or the tournament management and may result in warnings or even loss of points that have been received in the respective heat. ACCOMODATION Some near by hotels are offering special rates for the competitors for about 40 Euros per night. Please contact us for details. PROGRAMM On Thursday, 13 May we will have the opportunity for a little sauna party. We would like to offer barbecue, sauna and a good time in the Saunaburg. Besides the competitors who may want to arrive already on Thursday all other sauna friends are invited to this event. The entrance fee for the Saunaburg will be only 10 Euros on that Thursday. The prices for food and beverages are not yet decided but they will be very affordable.

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